Only half of the British public currently engages with art institutions.  What happens when 'the other half' come face to face with contemporary art and tell us what they REALLY think?!

KRITICS is an entertaining and insightful YouTube series that aims to flip art criticism on its head by making a group of everyday 'non art going' Brits...KRITICS. (Think Gogglebox and 'What Do Artists Do All Day?)

We're looking for members of the British public to become our KRITICS!

We're after enthusiastic, opinionated people to be filmed reacting to contemporary art from the comfort of their own living rooms! We want honest, 'no holds barred' reactions and opinions!

We need pairs or groups from the same household/bubbles, no art or artist knowledge preferable!

How to Apply:

All participants need to live in England and have access to a laptop or tablet.

Please apply via the short form below.

You will then be sent an email with a video to film yourselves answering/reacting to (camera phone, laptop or tablet is fine!)

More Information

Application Deadline:

All applications must be sent to us by - DEADLINE EXTENDED: 1st April 2021.


Successful Kritics will be paid £200 for a few hours of their time for filming and food/snacks provided

Shoot Info & Dates: 

The candidates selected to take part in the project will be filmed in early April 2021. Further shoot details will be disclosed once the final cast has been selected.  Successful candidates will be filmed in a Covid safe way, in the comfort of their own home for a few hours over 1-2 evenings.


Please email Lucy -

GOOD LUCK! please do share and spread the word!

Kritics Application Form